Light departed.

she woke up in the Dark. her life was born into that of grief, anger and strife. 

she grew up hearing of the happiness that the Light of some other kind brought. the crave of this Light led her to endeavor of feeling it through all the wrong people. 

she gave up.

life was too much for her abused soul. 

except for the rare impression of Light that was gifted by her hope for the Light, Dark was all she knew and all she felt. 

she became lost in her ways. 

moving from one thing to the next. persistently engaging in people to have a chance of dismissing from mind the Dark loneliness that consumed her life.

and then He came. 

riding on the Light of life. 

exhibiting hope, joy, care. it was tremendous compared to the Dark. 

He became her Sun and Moon. administering the Light of life’s gift. guiding her when the Dark returned. 

she looked in His eyes and there was Future. staring back at her with a life no longer lived among the Dark solidity. 

at times, Dusk would materialize. when the Light of Him and Dark of Past would clash. nevertheless the Light would constantly prevail. 

she was being patched back up. the Dark pressured out of her as the Light permeated through her heart, blood, soul.

without warning, He was done. He took no more. He left. and with Him, He drew away the Light. 

her scream ruptured throughout her now pulverized heart.

and so the boundless Light departed.

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