I figured I should write to get rid of all my pain, my name is Max I’m 31 one years old.  I’m the father of 2 with one on the way. I’ve been with my wife 4 years and married a year and half. 

My oldest daughter isn’t biologically mine, she’s 5, her name is Haleigh, she’s the daughter of my wife Layla, and her late husband, Sonny. Then there’s Luna my two year old, who’s treated no differently than Haleigh, but at the same time I hope I’m not treating the two differently. It’s mainly Hal, I’m afraid I’m taking it too easy on her. She never knew her dad, and I’m the only one she knows. We’re now a little over half way done with our latest installment to our family Brogan. She was a surprise sort of.

I’m just lost on this whole thing with Haleigh sometimes. She never met her daddy, I wass their from five months on. I was there when she took her first steps, my life is her. I think the thing that’s mind boggling is that Haleigh’s father was my cousins good friend. My cousin, so I know he would put me in my place if he didn’t think in the beginning when I was with my wife, that it’d be a good idea we were together–it’s just I know one day she’ll get older and learn the truth I don’t know how to react when this happens. She’s only 5 so I hope it won’t happen, but at the same time. She looks a bit different than Luna. So it’s all confusing.

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