March 29. Once again the ugly of all this. Midnight last night I was in such agony I couldn’t stand myself. My legs ITCHED. LIKE CRAZY. Along with my monkey butt that would fit in just great at the zoo my legs itched. I was literally going out of my mind not knowing what to do. I finally decided to fill the bathtub with water and sit in it. Of course getting in but mostly getting out was a major issue. Getting out was not pretty and was a complete struggle of acrobatics but I finally made it. I dried off and COATED my legs with lotion. That helped some I must admit. I put on a new pj shirt with no pj bottoms and tried to go to bed. I slept some and woke up after 5am My right hand is all red and so very dry. More cream on it I think my legs are also very dry which is the cause of all this. The son is taking a new job. His first major one since graduating college. I am so very proud of him. I have to go out to the bank with him today to get his social security card for them to copy. Buddy will come along for the ride and he will stop to give his 2 week notice to his current employer. Their loss as they are losing a good employee. My hair needs washed so instead I think I will wear one of my scarves for a change. A big shout out to my mom in heaven for the ugly feet. My left foot is so ugly – bunion I guess. Truth be told I won’t even go get a pedicure because it would be just too embarrassing beside the fact that I can’t stand to have anyone touch my feet. I’m thinking but then I don’t know if it would work or even be possible but if I have to have any surgery for this c I wonder if I could go to a podiatrist and have them do foot surgery at the same time you know a one-time heal for all. Would doctors do that I wonder. I can’t even do my own toenails. Truth be told here the husband does them, with big clippers. Not fun. Like I said UGLY feet. And right now painful big toe. Ingrown toenail I guess from the last night he wacked them. Every pair of socks I wear gets a hole in them from the ugly misshapen toenails. I’m also thinking about finding a local hotel that has a large Jacuzzi jetted tub. I could really use that for a night. Finally did have that Easter dinner. It was good. The husband, son and even Buddy ate well.  PS.  I hate my internet.  DSL.  Maybe now that the son has a good job we can get high speed something.  Or something that doesn’t go out most every time you try to connect.  Have to look into that.

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  1. Bless your heart. I would recommend going to a podiatrist assuming your insurance or budget would cover it. I took my mom every three months. She was diabetic and a dialysis patient. Anyhow, with the cancer I would assume you have a supressed immune system. Don’t want to be getting any infections with those feet. A podiatrist can trim toenails, callsuses etc. and check for any wound possiblities. That way hubby can re-direct his attention to some lovely polish on those tootsies! Prayers going up for you now.

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