Night time…

Its currently 10 to 10 at night kids are sleeping. Partner is sleeping cleaning is done,  I’m left laying here with my  thoughts,  contemplating tommorows plans, the kids dinners for the next week, working out money for bills and food in my head wondering what tomorrow will bring.  I often lay here night after night staring at the ceiling.  I once had this big dream in my head I wanted to be in the army but I never finished school…. hit drugs and alcohol hard came good when I met my partner we went through a partying stage drank every week.  But then we had kids,  I haven’t had a chance to  think about myself the past 3 1/2 years let alone a career. I’m currently completing my diploma in accountin  hoping it will get me somewhere someday ,  

Tomorrow I start a life style change new diet no more sugar and daily exercise. I need to do this I can do this….. 

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