Nothing New

Here I am again.

One day I will have good news.

Until then, I’ll just keep hoping and praying for it.
Anyways, here I am, alone again. I’m still looking at the same screen, all alone in my house. Just a little more sick than normal. I was able to talk to people and make the feel better. However, the words just kept ringing in my head. “How can you make other people happy if you can’t make yourself happy.” I know I could always be worse and everything. I mean, I’m already lucky that people support me and I know that isn’t the same for everyone. It just sucks since I’m the only one going through this. I know no one is perfect and everyone is going through their problems, but, sometimes any one else’s life is preferable to mine. I don’t like being alone. I used to think opposite a long time ago but now, I feel trapped, isolated, deserted. This place is more like a cell than a home to me when I’m alone. So much time to think, it’s pretty scary. Everyday, I tell myself that the future will always get better, and here I am. I am still waiting for the day when that statement comes true. When will everything get better? Or I guess, will everything get better someday? Until that day, I’ll  still keep waiting. I’ll keep making people happy. I’ll keep being myself. I just hope that I’m not alone forever.

  • Lonely Kanuke

One thought on “Nothing New”

  1. You will not be alone forever. From the sound of it, you are not even alone right now. You have people who care for you and that is what you need most. Again, you are not alone. Talk about what is bothering you to those people and they will be able to help you.

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