Netflix: Does it Effect your everyday cycle?

As most of you know, or for those few that may happen to accidently glance over my insightful entries, I skipped the gym today. 

The only reasons I would do an atrocity such as that is to 1) sleep in for the first time in a month and 2) because I am guilty of staying up late to watch the television shows on Netflix I rarely get to watch.  At the moment, House is my addiction.  First it was Greys Anatomy and then Nurse Jackie.  Then the Walking Dead and now, House.


Out of them all, it is a toss up between The Walking Dead, House and Greys Anatomy.

The Walking Dead: In all honesty, I would rate that show a 5/5 rating just because of the make and style.  Not to mention the graphics.  Never before have I seen graphics turn out to be so realistic and believable, although the chances of us going through a Zombie Apocalypse are far less.  Sorry for the spoiler, but scientists have proven that the infection would kill a good majority for good and die off itself prior to making it all the way around the Country, not to mention the world.

Greys Anatomy:  A 4/5 rating is appropriate for this show only because during the last season that they put out on Netflix, the opening was horrific.  The helicopter graphics were horrible enough to assume that a 5 year old came up with it.  Aside from that, it was a very enjoyable show that I would certainly continue to watch being as though I find the insights and cases, plus Doctor McDreamy and Greys relationships adorable and interesting all in one. 

Finally, House:  A 4/5 rating is appropriate fir this one only because some of the graphics are well, lame.  I understand that it must be difficult to keep up with the entertainment value of the persons who are dedicated to the show, however, it does not excuse piss-poor graphics.  Not when a show is that popular.  The only reason I even watch it is due to Gregory House.  The man of the hour and a great actor in himself. 

I truly to believe that Netflix does effect my daily schedule seeing as though I fall asleep watching it.  Even after I go to Planet Fitness for an hour or so, I come home and can cram in at least two episodes while getting ready to go to work.  It has become almost like an addiction that I simply cannot quit.  Not that I really want to either.

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