You’re so used to having their attention,
even better when they’re closely around
Their bodies are probably begging for your touch
It’s always what you love so much

Thank you for being honest with her
At least you don’t pretend to be the knight in shining armour
However, you mistake her as just the same
She refuses to be the result of your conquering game

She’s not them
Giving into you will make her feel damned
She’s seen right through you
She knows what you only want to do

Don’t get her wrong; don’t be fooled by her naivety
She’s not as gullible as she seems to be
She’s heard stories; she’s seen things
Stop acting like you could be her next best thing

She’s not yours
You’ll end up making her feel worse
Say what you like, do what you will
You won’t change how you’ve already made her feel

You’re so used to getting their attention,
but she’s just not one of them
Now she’s turned her back on you – the one who knows no respect
She’s the ice queen with her coldest rage and that’s a fact



(Jakarta, 28/3/2016 – 2:45 pm)

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