Okay I told myself this would be the day…the first day that I didn’t cry.  I thought it as I drove in to work…feeling rested and um, upbeat.  I can do this.  I mean not that I would never cry again or any thing silly like that…I’m just wanting to go one day tear free.

So the statements I’m working on (which are totally different than most) but about an altercation in a nursing  home.  And I’m doing fine, I’ve done 4 short statements.  Now he’s talking to this CNA that went to get an old lady out of car. She said the car was locked and the alarm was on so she asked her to step out of the car…and she did.  Remembering mama sitting by bro in the car.  Needing total assistance in and out.  And the drives we took and picking her up to take her to the other house every work day at the nursing home…and here I sit, sobbing again!

Well this ever end?  I mean I know in most ways it won’t I will always, always miss her…but I am tired of crying everyday and having my emotions so close to the surface.  

That said…Easter was really quite nice…I’ll put that in a different post.  Kind of trying to address one topic per post.

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