I live in a world that just keeps going. I have a husband and to kids but I feel like my life does not matter. His family just talks about God and I don’t see anything they say. My marriage is falling Apart. Getting in fights over not wanting a picture taken when I look like a mess. I’m trying juggling my work, school work , and a family. My husband loves to spend money. He has told me many times he know he needs help to stop spending and that he will work on it but yet they spending just keeps happening. I now pay for a truck I don’t own. And now there’s a bike that gets more money put into it. I tired telling my kid one thing and he come behind and does and tells her another. My kid is a brat and not even 4 yet. I’m scared how the baby will turn out after seeing how this one grew up. I’m to the point that I just want to die. What’s the point in living when you have no life anymore. I’m just a hamster that’s running around in circles over and over again.

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