Am I evil or just mean?

So, I’m really pissed at my step brother, let’s call him Andy. 

Andy is a heroin addict. 

Andy has been treating my step father(a WONDERFUL man) like complete crap for years. He has stolen everything my step father holds dear- his guns, knives, his trailer, you name it and has pawned everything for drugs. 

Not too long ago he stole a gun and pawned it. My mother threatened to leave him if he didn’t press charges. So he pressed charges reluctantly and had Andy put in jail. 

Andy went to jail then rehab with the expectation that he had to stay clean or sit in jail for the rest of his sentence which was something like 8-10 years. 

Andy is using again. He’s on parole but he’s using again like a fucking idiot.

He made up some bullshit excuse on his fathers birthday and didn’t show up to the birthday dinner. 

It makes me livid.

I want to hire a private investigator to follow him around and put the squeeze on him every time he sees Andy doing something shady. 

I want to hire the meanest drill Sargent in the world to beat the living shit out of him every time he does something he shouldn’t do. 

I want to confront him and scream at him and claw his eyes out until he cries like a little bitch. 

I want to call his parole officer and ask him to do a surprise drug test on him. 

I want him to suffer. 

Andys dad is not a well man. He has Wegeners Granulomatosis. He’s been on chemotherapy for years and only recently became in a remissive state. 

The fact that his dad is really ill makes it worse that he treats his father like such shit. 

My step father constantly worries that Andy will kill himself. Accidental overdose is common among heroin addicts. 

I would love to trade dads with Andy. My step father doesn’t deserve this. 

3 thoughts on “Am I evil or just mean?”

  1. You aren’t mean nor are you evil. Heroin addict is a very very hard thing to overcome. Recovery is rocky … and bleak. The addiction in itself is so horribly destructive. Turns people into liars, thieves, thugs, and the most selfish people on Earth. Of course addicts get glimpses of their bad behavior and problems and they turn to the needle for numb comfort. It’s a terrible cycle.

    The worst thing about it is how badly it effects loved ones, like your step father. Jail time will not stop the problem. If we want this epidemic to end we need to find more accessible and effective treatment.

  2. I hear your anger and it is justified by Andy’s atrocious behavior. Your step-dad deserves better, and so do you. Put it in God’s hands. The Bible says “Pray for your enemies.”
    That might be applicable right here. God can change a heroin addict—-don’t know if Anything else can.

  3. Well I agree with both Grace and Theresa. You are not mean you are concerned about the welfare of your step-dad, your mom and yourself. Nobody can save Andy but
    Andy. I would be more than tempted to let his probation officer know…if he fails a drug test and gets locked up…well no that isn’t the cure but he’s probably not using and plus he is not causing grief for your step-dad and mom.
    That said keep in mind…I hear about this stuff all the time because of work, but I haven’t lived it. I’m not in your shoes. God bless you sweetheart. I’m lifting you in prayer now.

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