Blank Canvas

There she was sitting on the bench. She was sitting there thinking about what she had just done and each person that passed by looked at her. She was gorgeous to each person that saw her, but all she saw was the same blank unpainted canvas. 

Every morning she looked at herself and couldn’t think of anything that was right with her. She was like every other girl in the 21st century. 

How many of you girls have looked at yourself in the mirror and thought you were a blank canvas? I know I have. Some people think that it’s bad to have yourself be a blank canvas, but in all reality being a blank canvas can be an absolute blessing. Everyone thinks that being skinny and beautiful is the thing that we have to be to get anywhere in this world, but honestly whether your 60 pounds or 300, you are just as beautiful as the next girl that walks by. 

So ladies, next time you look in the mirror and see a blank unwritten canvas, think of it as a blessing to make yourself who you want to be. 

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