Could it be true?

 After an entire life of wanting to belong I do. It is surreal.  I am ecstatic at what is to come, yet at the same time an unfamiliar yet familiar fear sets in that if I am not perfect I will lose my dream and it will be a fading vapor that my fingers will reach for yet never grasp.  I am going to remain positive and live in the moment though.  I know that is all I can do when I utilize my brain.  Sometimes I wish I were not so darn fearful, life sucks when you are always preparing for the other shoe to drop.  Well, one day at a time, on moment at a time I will come to victorious over this and it will become another testimony to assist another human being struggling.   I know that everything will be used for good in its own timing.  For now, I am a very happy girl…..

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