Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was better than I thought it would be. Truth told I was dreading it.  But it turned out to be a lovely family time.  The weather was lovely.  My sis, her granddaughter and I met my son and wife about 45 min away and picked up my granddaughter.  We all at brunch together at Bob Evans…then grannies and girlies went shopping. 

We also took the girls the the nature park located in town where my niece lives (all part of same county where we live) that is named for my dad’s family…i.e. the name of the park is our maiden name. In the ten years I’ve been back I had never been there.  Posed for pics…so I have one of me and my granddaughter.  Originally it was farmland owned by my great-great grandfather.

So anyhow Easter Sunday a.m. we took the girls to church.  Then went home to cook dinner for everyone.  Sis made a treasure hunt for the girls this year (they are 11) instead of the usual Easter egg hunt.   It’s a third of mile from her house to her mailbox and she had those girls running all over the property!

Food was good, family company good.  A bit subdued I think for sure.  But we got through it.  Family goes on.  I think mom would be pleased with us.

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