I wanna die



Who am I anymore? I have no real friends, and this year my grades are shit. I have no desire to do anything and some days I don’t eat at all. I like hurting myself. Every time I feel pain, I like .it. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. Should I die? No one would care. No one would care at all. I have no real friends and the so called “friends”I currently have find every excuse to not hang out with me. I want to die.

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  1. hey…it sounds like you are overwhelmed…by things that are going on in your life…sprinkled with a little bit of depression…depression will…cause you to lose interest in everything and everyone…maybe you should talk to a counselor or some kind…because ultimately it is your sanity that is at state…forget about what others are doing right now…and concentrate on what you need…within yourself…for yourself…You are important to more people than you think…please rethink this death thing…

  2. I know it can seem like that at times. I know it’s cliche, but people seriously care more than you think. I’ve heard similar things from someone close to me recently. Lately, she’s gained a new group of friends and whose warmth and understand are nothing she could have foreseen for herself these last two years. People who will drop anything to be there for her and remind her that they care. Those people were there all along — she just hadn’t let them understand what she was going through. Transparency in times of crisis can create an incredible bond.

  3. Who are you? You are a person. One of many persons, who like the company of other persons. No person wants another person to go away forever. No person wants to see another person be hurt. Maybe they don’t show it. There are some persons who say you shouldn’t show how you really feel. But every person is the same. No person wants to hurt.

    I know it hurts. I know sometimes you want to hurt more just to make the hurt you had before go away. Sometimes you want to stop hurting by hurting yourself in the worst way. But you should know that hurting yourself that much is going to spread the hurt to other persons. Other persons who don’t want to hurt, and who don’t want you to hurt.

    So go find another person. Tell them you are hurt. They might not know how you hurt. And if you can’t find a person worth telling, tell it to me. Tell it to all of us. We know how it hurts. We don’t know how you hurt. But we know it hurts. So tell us how. Maybe that will make the hurt go away.

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