If you think

If you think that I didn’t try to be the type of girl who would listen to your heart beat and interpret what you need, you are wrong.

It’s true that I grew up afraid of sharing a bed and whispering I love you’s before going to sleep, but with you I was willing to learn and I was willing to try again and again.

If you think I don’t know love, you are wrong. I grew up with people who loved, differently but intensely, I was loved by the heart and I was loved by the head, and I have loved back, and I love you, I have loved you by all the ways I know how.

You may think that I carry my pain around like an armor to keep away anyone who can fix me, maybe you are right but with you I was willing to leave the armor next to the nightstand.

If you think that by leaving me you didn’t ruin anything that wasn’t already ruined, then you are wrong.

Now my armor is back in my bed, now my armor is in my heart pinned with nails from every end.

One thought on “If you think”

  1. A hard-hitting, poignant post. God bless you. I pray you’ll find true love with a wonderful, loyal guy who will adore you forever. It can happen. I’ve been happily married 45 years. Some tiffs along the way of course, but our love is like a Rock. I hope the same for you. In fact, don’t settle for less.

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