Just when you thought…

Just when you think it’s over, it starts all over again. You can look at someone and think about all the good times, but the bad memories come rushing back at every moment in time. You can talk for hours, but still feel like you got no where in the conversation. You can dream of what it would be like for you when this was all over, but the feelings are still going to be there with memory of what had happened. 

No matter what you do, the things that you want to change will never do so. It can all make sense and things could go back to normal, but what are you going to do when it happens all over again? Forgive and forget? Nothing happens that way. You can’t just live your life knowing that this one event has changed nothing. 

I have always been scared to loose the people that mean the most to me, but sometimes I feel it’s for the best. I’ve been told by many people that starting over can help you in the long run of things, but I believe that this isn’t the case for this time around. I believe that nothing will ever change. 

If it is brought up multiple times no matter the conversation, than its not done and it may never be for as long as you live. Some people can’t let go. Some cannot seem to put things behind them because either one they understand what happened and doesn’t want to admit to anything, or there is something else in the air that hasn’t been let out properly. So don’t tell me that everything will be okay when in reality, everything is not okay and things may never go back to the way they were.. 

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  1. It Reached to my heart :))) your writing style is another thing to praise . Just wish you all the best in life . Dont lose hope, please :))

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