My issues

I realized that when I like someone or I am attracted to someone they are bad for me..

like they are bad people

or on drugs or cocky or just stuff that I don’t like in a person but at the same time I am attracted to them..

I have no idea why this is..

maybe it is because of the way my parents are.. or something like that..

but it frustrates me now. 

I don’t want to be attracted to people who act that way.

I want to be attracted to someone who is kind, protective, smart, loyal, funny but not in a weird way, I want to be attracted to people who have a good head on their shoulders and know exactly what they want, I want to be attracted to someone who is trying in school or has a job, someone who has the same interests as me, and just yeahh..

I have major issues when it comes to who im attracted to.. or who I am with..

I wind up getting with people who I should not have gotten with.

I want to be attracted to people who I would be able to put up with for years not those who I can only put up with for a few days..

anybody else have this issue?

2 thoughts on “My issues”

  1. You have a very good list of qualities you’d like to look for in a person. Yes, someone who you could be with for years, happily. A keeper. Don’t settle for less. Marriage or
    living together is hard sometimes. Don’t get in a dangerous situation just because someone is cute or clever. My husband and I met at a Christian youth meeting in college and we have been happily married now for 45 years. Yep. 45. I was just 19 when we wed, but he has always been kind. He is a good man. Hold out for one. There are some out there! I wish you luck, dear.

  2. Awe
    I am really happy for you and that is awesome that you met him so young and it has last for so long. I hope that I can maybe find someone like that.
    I like my list.. I have settled for less many times and it has got me nothing but hurt.
    that is really amazing 🙂

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