2:30 AM yes in the middle of the night. More ugly of all these side effects. Heartburn. Ate a small microwave pizza before I went to bed or should I say inbetween bed times as I seldom get out of bed these days. More itching but soaked in tub again after washing hair gently. HOWEVER there was hair in the tub water. And since this is the very first time I have ever had my hair this short I sometimes am finding it uncomfortable like when you have longer hair it is soft and pliable but this short stuff sometimes isn’t and can sometimes feel like needles in your head. Is this normal? I don’t know but sometimes it does feel that way and you even have to move your head on your pillow to kill the needle feeling. More itching legs and more monkey butt. Am using cream, lots of cream but just feel like a piece of garbage. Called visa yesterday. They sent me a new card with a new number and I had to contact any recurring fees which for me is my internet with Verizon to give them the new billing information. Got visa bill today and internet charge was not on it. I called visa and got NOWHERE. Ok so lady said “did they tell you this could take 2 months. Like I would really remember THAT. I just better not lose my internet. I do NOT want to call Verizon and so I didn’t.. Then called health insurance about what to do with 2 bills I got since the last time I called them they said I met my out of pocket max. PAY THEM. I HATE dealing with insurance and making phone calls when you don’t immediately get a live human being. So today’s goals. Blood work for me, dr. apt for the son, bank to get money to pay these two bills, get rid of this heartburn, hope I stop itching, stop at son’s new employer to drop off stuff for his job and stop in store to get lemon juice so son can make lemonade. The husband bought giant bottle of lemon blend. Yes, I like lemon blend but it isn’t working for me right now. Sorry you bought this GIANT bottle of it that makes like 5 gallons of this stuff. Right now the son’s lemonade works. And finally stopping at the salon with the wig and getting my head shaved and getting the wig trimmed. So it will be a BIG day folks especially the hair thing. Will I be upset? I don’t think so. I just hope the wig is comfortable. I’ll let you know how things go later in the next post. Oh the side effects of this treatment. They are not fun. I don’t know how mine compares to others and I don’t want to say that if you are going through this or may be going through this in the future that you will experience what I am experiencing, everybody has different experiences. But like I said if this journal can give you some insight into what you might experience or be experiencing and you wonder if it is normal well you can judge by what I am dealing with. Sorry if that last sentence made no sense guys but it’s almost 3AM. Not going to work today. Maybe not tomorrow either. How can I go to work with all this monkey butt and itching and creaming parts of my body that I am discussing with the entire WORLD. When will this time’s nightmare end? It’s will be one week today since last chemo and if I remember correctly the first time’s side effects took 1 ½ weeks to get through. Help me here.







2 thoughts on “MY JOURNEY WITH THE big c”

  1. I wish I COULD help, dear girl! It sounds awful, what you’re going through. I think you are so brave to press on. Do remember that Jesus will love you through this. I will pray.

  2. Oh sweetie hugs to you. How awful. I am sorry. And honey your are tackling so much. Besides fighting for your life, you are working when you can and being a wife and mother to your family! I’m healthy and the day you have planned sounds exhausting to me. That said YOU CAN DO THIS. Prayers going up.
    PS…you still have some sense of humor I love the phrase “monkey butt” <3

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