My Overdue Letter to My Love

I’m so sorry that I couldn’t have written you this sooner. It’s been so long it seems like you’ve probably forgotten you even asked for this, but then again, I know you. You’re the most stubborn princess I’ve ever met, you’d never forget about this letter. Nevertheless, I’m here now, babygirl. 

I saw you at Mr. Bucksport. Wow, that was awesome. It made me so happy to see your pretty little face there in the stands (p.s. Tekla was sitting just two rows behind you. Idk if you noticed but I certainly and it was great because you’re so much prettier. I was proud.) Also, the fact that I won with you there makes the victory so much sweeter. I love you. I’m really glad you could see me drum my heart out, too, god, I’m just so happy that happened. INTERRUPTION: You just asked me about the letter, which kinda bums me out because I was hoping to surprise you with this. Either way, I’m going to keep talking because you know I love to tell you about things. 

You know the NCAA tounrament right? March Madness, and all that? Well, if you haven’t heard, UNC IS IN THE FINAL FOUR BAYBAAAYYYY. FINAL FOUR. WOOOOOOOOOOO!! The last time we went to the final four, we won the championship. 2009, back in the Tyler Hansbrough days. He was an animal, he’s my favorite college player of all time. You should’ve seen him, babe. His nickname was “Psycho-T” because he went absolutely nuts in games and was a total Goliath on the court. The year they won the championship, Sports Illustrated put him on the cover and named him the “March Madman”. I have that issue on my shelf, and have had it there for years. Anyways, I made five brackets, and all of the guys from school made some, too. So we all took what we thought was our best bracket, and put it into a pool and all bet $5. Guess who’s in 1st place and is going to win? MEEE 🙂 I put a smile there so you’d know that I smiled when I said that. So that’s like 50 extra bucks I’ll get to pocket when the tournament is over, and hopefully that will come along with a fresh championship for the Tar Heels. 

Hmm, what could I possibly talk about besides basketball? MORE BASKETBALL I’ve been balling like crazy, princess. I’m getting very good, I don’t really want to brag but the guys who always run the court call me by name now and respect me. It’s pretty sweet. I’ve got street cred, babe. I’m swag. Is that how it works? No? Anyways….I’ve worked out every single day for almost three whole weeks, and I’ve been studying by myself more. I feel great. I have a 91 in English. I passed my last AP History test. Brandon and I have really built up our setlist for when we do acoustic gigs in the summer (which you’ll have to go to). So, in a sense, my life is really going the way I want it to be. But there is a massive hole in my life. It’s you. I’m missing you, Avalon. I miss my baby. I do all of these things so I can try to forget how much I miss you and how much I need you. Life is really hard without you. I want your wonderful legs to lie down after a long and stressful day. I want to wrap my arms around you every second of the day, and let you know that you look pretty and that I love you. I miss my pretty kitty. I hope she misses me, too, because I’m gonna need her when all this is over. I love you so much, Avalon Mae Phillips. So much. Have a good night’s rest tonight because I’m sure you’ll need it for softball and school tomorrow. Also, I just to let you know that I’m incredibly happy for you, as far as the softball season starting up, and how excited you are for it. I’m so proud of ho accomplished you are at the sport that means the most to you. I love you so much, Avalon. More than you’ll ever know. I can’t wait to go to the moon with you and back home seven times. Goodnight babygirl, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite your cute little butt. Muah. <3

Forever yours, 

                  Your Stud Muffin


P.S. No hints, but you should be expecting some type of delivery coming your way in the near future… I love you.

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