Scheming; Worth it or Not?

Well, we are losing two people from our Security family here shortly.

As it turns out, Oberlin is leaving due to the fact that he got employed by a Contracting Company, plus he will be attempting to reclass to MP school. 

Hill on the other hand is getting terminated due to his own stupidity. 

As it turns out, he gave a gentleman a badge to allow him into the secured area, did not contact this said mans superior and when the gentleman asked if he should contact him, Hill claimed that he just needs him to verify, without any proof.  Basically, he allowed an unauthorized person access to our controlled facility, a big no-no in the aspect of things. 

As it turns out, this isn’t his first offense either.  There is a reason we call him ‘Crash’.

Prior to me getting employed through BAE and Allied Barton, it turns out that one night, he fell asleep behind the wheel of the patrol vehicle and crashed it into a little two-person cart.  Needless to say, the cart had less damage done to it than the Explorer did.  Not only that, but he then did not find it necessary to report this said problem until the next shift Supervisor came in the next morning. 

Craig also tells me that he has been checking up on Hill throughout the time he works.  As it turns out, Hill has not been doing his routine checks in the buildings and rather takes the shortcut way with everyday, including patrols that he deems are unnecessary.

I guess if you are going to be an idiot and get terminated, this would be the way to do so.


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