Just a brief comment…I hate typing statements of guys who have just been shot.  Seriously…they are in pain and the mumble and such and so many things inaudible.  Just my look honestly I’ve had three of them today.  Can go a month or two and not have any like that and today three of them!   Oh and hospital ERs…they are noisey places.  Okay…back to true crime…carry on…

3 thoughts on “Statements”

  1. That sounds horrible and fascinating at the same time. You must be super woman with nerves of Steel. Do you ever take a statement and just know they are lying to you? Such an interesting experience! Sounds like ice cream should be in your future 🙂

  2. You sound like the lovable main character in a TV drama, struggling in an line of work most of us take for granted. I can’t empathize nor can I commend you enough for the work you do. I’m sure it must be gratifying at the end of the day.

  3. Hey ladies…thanks for your kind comments. No nerves of steel here…I’m the person who used to shut off the news for weeks because it was too sad. Nine years though…I can say 95 percent goes into my ears out my fingertips and its gone. A few linger and haunt. The gratifying part is working for these detectives…best folks I have ever worked for/with.
    Yes we can tell when they are lying and people almost always lie to cops. Soon as they say “I swear to God” that’s a give away lol.
    Ladies have a fab day.

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