The Idea

Since I’m a crazy cat lady AND I don’t have any friends close by (not to mention I hate Facebook), I did the logical thing and joined a cat lover forum that I’ve already been lurking on. So far it seems like a good fit.

One member is going through something similar to me (her cat has been diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer). She has been writing a journal documenting the poor cat’s last days.

Since this is a journaling site I will be writing about Toothless as we travel the course unknown. I will probably keep her entries separated from my more random ones so that I can print it out and make a book of it.

So today Toothless spent much of the day lounging around. I picked up a script for fleas at the vet today and applied it to all 3 cats. Now the back of Toothless’s neck is crusty from the topical solution.

Despite the diagnosis I think Toothless is gaining weight. Could be because I have dozens of food dishes all over the house so she has easy access.

I wouldn’t call today a bad day. Toothy scarfed down some treats and roamed the house for a little bit. Tonight she’s cozy in her bed. She had her patched changed yesterday so I’ll either need to change it Friday or Saturday. Not sure how that is going to go.

I finished this blog, but then remembered a funny thing that happened. Toothy is given her steroids in a syringe twice a day. I noticed that some clever person actually infused the medication with chicken stock. While Toothy hasn’t been a fan of us shooting the drops down her throat, some one else desperately wants a taste. One night The Man gave Toothless her meds and put the used syringe in the sink. 10 minutes later I found it on my side of the bed. Andy brought it to me. I think he thought it was his turn!

Toothless medication is definitely working. Sometimes she runs away from me when I’m trying to dose her. I am privileged to get a rare glimpse of her twinkle toes like how she use to prance around. When she’s not feeling good she’ll just hiss if she doesn’t want to be fussed with.

2 thoughts on “The Idea”

  1. Glad the meds are helping her. Tough journey..good that you have “crazy cat lady support” i.e. the cat forum. Oh and I love the name Toothless. How many kitties do you have?

  2. I currently have 3 cats *blushes*. Miss Toothless is around 4 or 5 years old. She’s a rescue. She’s also the reason why I’m becoming a crazy cat lady. She’s just so laid back and sweet. We originally named her Poison Ivy because we wanted to reflect on how she looks like a lil dangerous panther. The name never stuck. My daughter changed it to Toothless, the name of a Dragon in “How to Train Your Dragon”. Turns out the animators used black cats as reference guides when they were designing the dragon. We call her Toothless, Toothy, and Feet (a reference to how light on her toes she was *sigh*).

    I also have a pair of brothers. Jake and Andy are around 9 months old. They are insane… literally insane. We have so much fun with all 3 cats that well… we’re getting one more. My co-worker was looking for homes for her kittens and 5 seconds after I swore 3 cats was my maximum… I ended up picking one out. We’re just waiting for him to be weaned and then he’ll come home.

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