About Last Night

I have an addiction to cheating. I’m in a pretty good relationship but that just doesn’t seem to matter.
I’m 30 years old and have plenty of fantasies. Yesterday, I went out to happy hour with some friends. We went to our regular spot. After a few drinks and a bunch of flirting with the bartender, a random server asked me and my friend if we were ok as we walked to the bathroom. We looked at each other and said oh he’s cute. He didn’t look much older than 20, turns out he is 23. So, after going back and forth with him a few times he ended up hanging out with us later on in the night. After he got off work, we talked in his car. He didn’t seem to care I had a boyfriend. We kissed for the first time at that point in the night.
I went home and got ready to go to the club we were headed to and he was going to meet us there. I didnt really think he would show but he did. We talked throughout the night over the loud music and he touched my body like I was his. He told me about how he would be around for whatever I needed him for.
When we got ready to go, I told my friends I’d see them later and we walked to his car. We ended up at a dead end road.
We kissed, touched, made each other cum and then we went home. This seems to happen more than it should, every few years.

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  1. Its not fair to your partner. Practice restriction when your in a relationship. It doesnt feel good to be cheated on. I know you dont have bad intentions. Just saying…

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