All the thoughts swirling around my mind

Never being able to just let things go and move on

Xxylophone number of problems& stress

Imagines life happy and free or worries. A life where no problem is too big

Everyday is a struggle, waking up, getting out of bed& fear

Tired of having nightmares instead of dreams

Yelling in my head, smiling on the outside

One thought on “Anxiety”

  1. I like the way you wrote your poem with the letters ANXIETY as the start of each line. There is a name for that, and I can’t think of it just now.
    I have anxiety disorder, too. There are good medications for this problem. Don’t suffer. Talk to a doctor. And always pray to Jesus for help. Ativan is a good med.
    There’s also valium and Xanax. Use the least you can because they are habit forming, but heck, what is life lived in such deep anxiety? Do get help, dear. God bless you.

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