It Felt Real

Dear Skyler,

I just had a dream last night that really bothered me so much. So let me first tell you the reality of it. I have this really hot neighbor whom I have the hots for. But to be honest, I have not been thinking about her for a long while now. And, remember the ex I wrote you in the last letter about? She’s in this dream too.

So, I thought it was just one of those many dreams I have about my ex; let’s call her Wildflower. In the dream, she lived with me which was not new because we have lived together for so many years back then in real life. Then, in comes Hot Neighbor telling us that her girlfriend left her and went back to wherever she came from. I was sorry for her and was just trying to be there for her. But little did I know, Wildflower liked her, too.

I was like, wait a minute, she’s MY neighbor. But she acted like she knew Hot Neighbor longer than I have known her. Hot Neighbor was kind of “mock-flirting” with me if that makes sense but I didn’t return it. She knew I liked her and I knew she shrugs it off. But then when I wasn’t looking at them, and in the dream I see everything even when I’m not looking, they were full-on flirting with each other. Ugh. The nerve.

So, I acted like it didn’t affect me. It was so obvious that they were trying to hide it, but looking at their smiles, it hurt. I felt so betrayed because the love of my life and my ultimate crush were hitting it off.

I was quiet and it seemed that Wildflower was successful in comforting the Hot Neighbor. It all went blurry after that, and then as it cleared, the scene where Hot Neighbor had to go home came up. I showed her the door and for some reason, I went out the hall before her. They were behind me giggling. When I was out the door, they kind of half-closed it to cover their faces. I knew they kissed because Hot Neighbor was wiping her lip gloss off Wildflower’s lips. Ugh! Worst part is, I didn’t do anything. I just stood there!

Then, I woke up feeling so angry and betrayed…and hurt. I realized it was a dream, but it felt so real given what happened to Wildflower and I in my last letter. I don’t want to hate her, but she’s tormenting me even in my dreams. So tragic.

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