some of my entries aren’t being published??

its super frustrating that some of my posts just decide not to get published on this site. is anyone else having this difficulty? it’s annoying. so to ensure that my entries don’t get deleted im going to start writing them on a notepad and then just copying and pasting it to the site. -.- annoying.
anyway. whats been happening.
moms surgery was yesterday. shes doing fine and in the hospital but she has to stay there another night. it was super annoying because i really wanted to have her home tonight but i guess she needs to stay. i think she was a little frustrated with it as well. i sensed that she wanted to come home today.
everything else is okay. im suuuuper behind in my schoolwork, but im going to try to work on it all this weekend so i can get it all done. UGH. so much work. is it may can i be graduated yet?!?
whatever, time to crack open a beer and ignore my responsibilities lol

One thought on “some of my entries aren’t being published??”

  1. Hi ZombiePrincess, sorry for hearing about that issue. Did u check your My Journal page to see all your journal entries are there? Are you publishing your journal on a future date? For your public journals tho, it will only show the latest journal on Real Journals page as well as homepage. However, all your journals are saved under your page (My Account > My Page). Please let me know if you still have the issue 😉

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