Something I wrote

My insides trembling. 
It’s like my sadness is eating me inside. 
Mother doesn’t like me to talk about it. 
She says then sister will grow to become like me.
She says me and sister have the same eyes, except hers glow with life and mine dull like life has drained me out
Mother says I’m doing it for attention, 
Father is never here to say anything
Big sister is too busy with her boyfriend to notice.
Little brother is to focused on the TV to care.
Little sister smiles at me because she says she want to be like me when she’s older.
I cry and pray to a god I don’t believe in to not have her grow up to be like me.

(this doesn’t feel finished I don’t know what’s missing) 

One thought on “Something I wrote”

  1. I was like you once, and my little sister did just the same – striving to become like me. When I finally got myself out of this state, she was just on the verge of beginning. She is okay now, but sometimes I think I should have been stronger for her sake.

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