When we met her

Yesterday wasn’t a terrible day for Toothless, but it wasn’t a great day either. All morning and afternoon she hid out in the girl’s bedroom. I hardly saw her. Deedee moved her and her hide-a-way cube into my room because she needed to vacuum her room. Toothless hates the vacuum.

I ended up finding a less junky version of the wet food Toothless loves. She loves the new stuff even more. It costs a little bit more money, but I feel like diet wise I’m on the right track.

Toothless is a rescue. She is / was the result of the best $95 I ever spent. The kids use to have rabbits as pets. Deedee’s beloved Missy had died (under mysterious circumstances). When I asked her about getting a new bunny she told me she couldn’t take any more heart break. 

After careful consideration The Man and I decided to get her a cat (Deedee’s favorite type of animal). I was insistant that we get a shelter kitty – they come spayed and chipped in addition to the fact that they’ve been evaluated and checked out by a vet. In the long run the donation fee is cheaper than if we got her a kitten from elsewhere.

One sunny Saturday afternoon when I got out of work we went to our local animal shelter. We checked out all the cats. We had some minor interest in a fat calico named Granby, but Deedee wasn’t feeling it. After meeting every single cat on the premises that was up for adoption we hadn’t found “our” cat.

“No biggy,” I assured Deedee. There’s a few other shelters we can look at and we can always come back when they have new arrivals. As we were about to head out to the car, The Man saw the one and only cage we hadn’t checked out. As we inched our way closer, yellow eyes peered out scanning us.

In that breath taking moment Toothless (then Twila) started chirping and purring. Deedee opened the door a crack and Toothless can towards her hand for pets. She is (and was back then) a gorgeous black cat with gleaming yellow eyes. Although she was excited about meeting us you could just tell that she a calmer, but very affectionate cat. It was as if in those first moments she was saying “Hi my family, I’ve been waiting for you. Let’s go home now.”

We went to a “visiting” room where we could interact with Toothless a little bit. We knew she was the one. We filled out her paper work and that was that. She was ours. We were hers.

One thought on “When we met her”

  1. I’m so glad to see a photo of Toothless and to hear her history. I wish she could live another 40 years or more so you would never have to say goodbye. She is clearly so very special. Some cats just seem to have “old souls” inside them. You know what I mean? She is one of those special ones. But she will be in Heaven. Did I share that verse with you? Psalms 36:6 “Both man and beast thou savest, O Lord.” I hope that is a comfort. I believe with all my heart, literally, you will see her and pet her again and enjoy her in perfect health again. In time.

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