3. Packing

 Started packing first thing this morning, we should be moving on the 9th… well at least we better be. I’ll get very grumpy very fast if we don’t. So the kitchen is packed, I just mainly have our necessity left. I think I’m going to pack one more box and just do bag dinners for the week. That way it’s less stuff to pack on Friday before everyone gets here. I am asking everyone to arrive right away on Saturday morning.

One thing that’s upsetting  my step dad wont be able to come and help. I sent a text to my uncle, dad, and cuz. only my uncle responded he said he would talk to my cuz, pretty sure my dad wont respond at all. I also texted J’s dad since he said he would come out and help just had to give him a date so I just sent him the date and he responded “do you need help” and I was just like… Okay I can not do that sorry I’m stressing and I just can’t. 

On a bright note the kids have been supper amazing today. XL is down for second nap and JD is still down on his first. JD also “helped” me pack afew of the boxes… needless to say they are going to be really fun to unpack once we get to the new house. 

I am so dune packing right now, like I said the kitchen prob only needs one more box packed today and then it’s dune and everything ells will have to wait till Friday when J stays home to help me do the final packing… at least he better since he has not yet packed a singe box. 

So going to have to wake JD up here in a little bit so we can start figuring out what we will do for dinner, that and so we can him on bed on time. J is away for work this weekend, so it’s just me and the boys raising hell.

We may run to the store this weekend with them and pick up JD’s his “entertainment” box for when we sign for the house, along when we move. Though I also want to get to the store with J on Monday so we can pick out dinners may just wait till then, or I’ll just pick them out myself who knows. 

Alright I’m off to pack that last kitchen box, and then wake up JD, going to have to figure out something to entertain him so we can get energy out of him so he sleeps well. Probably do some tape line jumping in the kitchen, and work on his counting and physical activity. 

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