My eating is out of control again. I’m not completely beating myself up for it. I’m in a good place mentally today. I’m running a ½ marathon on Sunday so I’m justifying the extra calories as fuel for the run – which is going to be a tough one given that the weather is supposed to be awful. Cold, wind, maybe snow. I know if I don’t rein in the mindless eating I will gain back the 10# that I took off. I don’t want to do that. I feel too good.

The Easter weekend was nice. I managed my emotions. Felt sad when I needed to. Happy when I was. My sister’s kids were good. The younger 2 were thrilled to see my kids. They played and talked a lot. They colored easter eggs and went on the egg hunt together. Youngest boy really appreciated everything. I returned from my family on Sunday night feeling down, sad. I think it was a combination of leaving my mom and dad, the over indulgence in food and drink, hormones.

I had a strange dream this morning. I was intimately with someone that I had met on OD. We met each other in person once a couple of years ago. It was strange that I should have such a dream about him.

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