Dear board of pharmacy…you suck.

So, life threw yet another lemon at me this week. It cost me lots of money and almost my job. I had sent some paperwork a month ago to renew my pharmacy license with the board of pharmacy in New Mexico. If you live here and have ever had to do this you understand my pain. So when I was requested to write a review after a weeks battle, this is what I wrote. 

Dear NM Board of Pharmacy,

I would give zero stars if I could. This is THE MOST difficult business with the WORST customer service I have ever had to deal with. I have never seen a website or heard a phone recorder that didn’t list business hours so that you can have a better timeline on when to contact someone. They don’t return your phone calls or emails so forget about leaving a message.

I am mostly upset because I had sent the needed information a month ago, it was said that it was not received but yet they somehow got and cashed the check I sent attached to the required paperwork…not to mention no one bothered to call or email me about the “missing” paperwork. I just thought it would be common curtesy considering they cashed my check and all. 

If you want something renewed, you should do it a few months to a year in advance because that’s how long it takes them to get anything done. All of this agrivation could be avoided of course if they would just have an online option for renewal like normal, up to date businesses and states.

I understand that businesses get busy but their is a difference between busy and avoidance and that is exactly what they do, when you turn to them for help or simply trying to keep your license up to date. This of course applies to those who tried to update a month or so before expiring. If you waited to the last minute you just screwed yourself royally. Good luck.


I tried my best to not curse and keep my composure. After all, I am a lady. 😉 With all of this said I am finally up to date on my license and can now return to work.

Happy April Fools Everyone. 

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