Exhausting week

Stopped to get spray paint (white and blue) for the slip numbers.  Came straight in, cut out a set, and spray painted the white background and blue numbers on top.  Used the thickest cardstock, and tried to hold the stencil in contact with the paper with my left hand to prevent paint bleeding under.  Resembled a smurf afterward.  Will need to get some weights to hold the stencil down better.  Will repeat on weather piece of board tomorrow to see if that helps/hurts.  

Watched Daredevil. No dinner.  Too tired to eat.  Changed out laundry and washed a load of towels.  Gathered the items I need to take to the marina tomorrow to paint the numbers.  

He went to bead at about 8:20, because he said I kept him up all night.  I stayed in the living room, and will probably stay upstairs to ensure he sleeps.  I asked him what time he wanted to leave in the morning.  He got aggravated with my question.  I was simply trying to plan when I needed to wake up to be sure to be ready by then.  It is very stressful when he decides he wants to leave spur of the moment, and he gets mad at me.  He would not tell me what time he wanted to leave, and went on to say that he did not understand why I was pushing him away.  I do not think that this question pushes anyone away.  Oh well…tomorrow, slip numbers.  I guess I’ll set the clock for 6:30???  Who the fuck knows…  I guess I should have paid more attention in the mind reading class I took in college….

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