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Alright, first blog EVER! I’m pretty excited to have a place to express how I feel. I am going to try blogging daily to just get my thoughts out in the open.

First of all, I am a 22 year old ASU student who works full time as a breakfast server in Downtown Phoenix. I should be graduating this term but within the two years of living here, I have had a lot of unfortunate events happen to me (A whole new blog worth). I have changed my major only a couple times, in this order: Nursing, Health Policy, (currently) Public Service/Public Policy (sustainability). I am an Oregon native who misses her family and the green scenery dearly, but the rain, I am happy to be away from.

I am newly out of a relationship trying to figure out “who I am?” It is not easy, that’s for sure. To explain a little more I have always been in a relationship, all through high school and then into college as well. I have been consistently influenced by others, I have not been able to express who I truly am in my life. MY last relationship truly made me realize this (note to self: write blog about last relationship and what I learned). I felt liberated once broken up, this was so exciting but also scary for me. I know this seems cliche but from the bottom of my heart I think it is important to be single and figure out what YOU love, what YOUR beliefs are, what YOUR motives are and how YOU want to live life. Otherwise, you will be forever think the grass is greener on the other side, at least I did.

Okay, now that you know a little about my life and what I am going through, I just want to tell y’all about my day, in detailed chronological order.

I woke up at 8, made time to make coffee and get ready for my day. When I make time for myself in the morning I feel unstoppable, confident and ready to take on the day. I had class at 9. It was a great class, we listen to a presentation about healthcare delivery from a former CEO of the Mayo Clinic. He started out as a dentist then a surgeon, CEO of Mayo Clinic, now the department head of Healthcare delivery at ASU. It was great to hear about all the important positions he had as a leader throughout his career. It was very inspirational, I loved it. Then my class at 4:30pm, I think, was cancelled. The attendance isn’t mandatory so I don’t go anyways, I’m not even sure If it starts at 4:30pm. OOOPS.

After class around 10:15 I walked my way over to this coffee shop called JOBOT. I never could get connected to wifi but I had great small talk with the man at the register. I love having small talk and learning just a little about people. I asked him of he liked the strawberry ginger muffin and his and answer was a very unsure yes. He then proceeded to tell me his favorite kind of muffin was banana nut (which was my other option). I went for the strawberry ginger, trying to be adventurous. It wasn’t even anything special, I bet the banana nut was better. Anyways, he was a nice man and the small talk was a part of my day to remember and be thankful there are nice people out there willing to tell me their muffin preference. By the time I finished my muffin and coffee I still couldn’t get connected to wifi, so I left.

My next little adventure started at the Desoto Market. As I walked up the stairs I saw a very handsome man (something I always notice now that I am single). As I sat down I realized I didn’t know the wifi password. I went down stairs to figure out the password so I could start working on my to do list for the rest of the week (it’s Thursday, I am pathetic). She tells me, it will be at the bottom of your receipt and quickly walks away. As I walk back up the stairs I’m thinking, shit, I have to buy more stuff just to get on the wifi. Continuing my adventure, I walk down the stairs and by an EIGHT dollar juice. Holy shit Nicole, all for stupid wifi that I already pay for at my apartment. I leave the juice stand with no receipt and no wifi password. It was pretty ridiculous. As I’m giving up to go home I ask the bartender for the wifi password and kindly gives it to me (this crazy unknown password was “springtime”). I couldn’t help but think how pointless the last 15 minutes were. From there I went and sat outside and made my to do list. It was a beautiful day, sunny with a breeze. I sat in the sun, made my to do list, drank my expressive juice, and listen to my favorites playlist on spotify.

After all THAT, I couldn’t help but remember that my rose plant at home was dying because I haven’t gotten a pot for it yet. So I set out for another adventure to target with a quick pit stop at a redbox to return my week old rental. (If I haven’t mentioned yet I don’t have a car and only use the light rail for transportation). I’m at target and find a $5 pot, perfect I thought, I am broke and don’t want to spend money. BUT then I go to the sale isle and find a really cool marble coffee table clearly under priced for 20 bucks! I add that to my cart along with a $10 lyft ride back to my apartment. There is no way you can only spend $5 at target, just no way.

After my expensive target adventures I get home and replant my very dehydrated looking rose plant. I sweep the floor and rearrange the living room a little. Crazy hard work, I know. Then I embarrassingly take a nap to High School Musical. This was my down time for the day.

Once I finished my nap, I went to the hot tub at my apartment. I usually just plug my music in and become anti social but because I’m trying to be more outgoing I didn’t bring headphones. but I live in a very gay community so my evening was filled with conversations with 4 gay boys and no straight men in sight. This is very sad for a single 22 year old female. That ending quickly. I went back home and was contemplating taking a shower and chilling for the rest of the night. Fortunately but unfortunately I have a thing for a guy who is tall, dark and handsome and I am constantly checking my phone for his messages. I am constantly checking for nothing. So I rethink my night and make a plan so I will stay busy. I head to the gym, run a mile, do jumping squats and abs. That’s all because I was STARVING. I get home and my friend Melissa is also home from her long day of group work with her classmates. We both conclude that we want lux (a bomb coffee shop walking distance from our apartment). We walk over and I get chicken and vegetable soup, a smart water, and a ridiculously large peanut butter chocolate brownie. It’s okay I worked out.

I sit down, eat my food and get way too full from the brownie. But I did exactly what I wanted to do, I stayed busy. I’m even writing my first blog and it’s exciting. I am very content listening to Bon Iver and writing my thoughts to people I don’t know. I truly love it. I think that’s all I have tonight, I am tired.

Thanks for reading my thoughts, I appreciate it.

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