First Kiss


Ran across the street to the city market to pick up lunch.  I love going over there.  Anyhow for some reason lots of little memories are wrapped up in that place and also I tend to get emotional just standing in line over there.  I can’t explain it…maybe how the sunlight comes in or the various memories but again today it happened, I got teary eyed.  And nothing about the market has anything to do with my mom.

Of course it does have everything to do with one of if not my favorite romantic moment, that magical, crazy, chemistry filled first kiss.  No doubt the best kiss of my entire life.  December of 2009.  It was on a meet and great lunch.  Here I am a 56 year old grandma and I experience the best passionate kiss of my life, upstairs by the stairs at the city market.  I cannot describe the kiss or sensations except to say it was deep, passionate and long…and I remember wrapping my fingers in his curls at the back of his neck.  I swooned and almost fell down the stairs and he steadied my hand and laughed.  Then he blew up my phone with texts.  Ah.  Sigh.  We saw each other a lot back then…and a little for a while.  I still talk to him now and again but we don’t “see” each other as I’m in a committed relationship.  But dang he is so crazy and that chemistry!

I wish I were a real writer and could describe this all better.  I can sit and smile and remember it forever and I love the way that he and I still talk about that kiss.  Just one of life’s best little moments…ever.

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  1. Ahh…those moments. Let yourself indulge in them – it was a happy time. Then if you get sad about it, remember this quote from Dr. Seuss: “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” It has helped me through so many situations. Big and small.

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