I wish a mother fucker would.

I’ve mentioned my distaste for a coworker- let’s call her schmandrea- before on here… 

Usually if I’m pissed I turn to writing. How completely cliché of me… 

I’m not sure how to convey how truly annoying she is. My examples do not do her justice. 

for example: a few months ago she told me, after I got highlights, that she could never dye her hair because she grows it out then chops it off to donate for cancer patients so she has to keep it healthy and free of harmful chemicals….. She currently she has purple hair.

example two: she conversed loudly at work to a coworker about not having a concealed carry permit because it’s the governments way of keeping tabs on Americans with guns but that she still carries a gun- how she had one in her car… Right in front of an ex-cop of ten years- THEN proceeded to get mad when the ex-cop told her to quit talking about that sort of thing at work. 

Example three: she offended another coworker when she loudly stated that abortion was the worst thing in the world and women shouldn’t have the right to kill their babies blahdy blahdy blah…. right in front of a woman who had an abortion because she had been raped. 

Shes like the worst kind of American, the worst kind of Christian, and the most immature adult all rolled into one.  That plus a superiority complex and a complete state of delusion.

And all of the above transactions actually happened a while ago. I stay away from her now as much as humanly possible and if she comes to me I say as little as possible until she walks away. 

I can deal with stupid people-it’s kind of my job, but dealing with stupid people and then dealing with a stupid person who thinks they are smarter than you….. now those are totally different things.

bitch makes me want to pie her. In the face. With a real pie. Not one of those fake ones with just the whipped topping- those are pussy pies. I’m talking about Apple or cherry… something with a thick crust that will break her fucking nose. 

Bitch makes me want to pie her. 


Never in my life have I ever felt so sorry and so not sorry for someone in my life. 

Cause she really ain’t stupid… She’s just a cunt. 

I wanna thump her in the noggin and say, ” shoulda had a V8.”

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