I’m sorry.

Sometimes I get scared that you were my soul mate, because literally, every second I spent with you was flawless. Every moment.

I remember laying in the crook of your arm, my head on your chest; with the taste of your kiss on my mouth and my hand in your hand with your warm thumb slowly brushing across the top of mine in that way that I love; and I distinctly thought to myself, this is it. This is all I get, because right now everything is perfect. And I knew that a moment is all you can expect from perfection. Life didn’t disappoint.

I’m in love with you. Some days I’m not, most days I am, but right in this second I am still, because I’m remembering the way that I feel around you and the things that you said to me that felt true while staring into my eyes and the way you held me with all your strength because you didn’t want to let me go and fuck I am so in love with you. And it’s such a stupid type of love because it’s based on nothing but that fact that when we are around each other it’s like we are going to explode. It’s so much harder to let you go because you make me feel so much more alive that I have ever felt.

But I made an ass of myself, and i let you down, and I want you to say “I’m sorry and I miss you” but I have to stop myself because You’re not the one that should be sorry. It’s me. I did this.

It’s over now,

and I’m so sorry.

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