It all started with a handshake

September 6, 2015 at 20:30

It had only been a week since i’d started working in a grocery store. The kind where you wear horrible green uniforms and where all you ever say is: Do you have your metro card? It had only been a week and still everyone was so kind to me. There was this guy we used to call Norm. Way older than me, but still really kind and funny. He’s the first one that ever talked to me on my first day. There also was this other guy named Jason. The kind of guy who’s kind, but doesn’t talk much. Then there was him. The guy who worked in the fruits and vegetable department. A week after I started working there, he came to me and offered me help if I ever needed any. The conversation went as follows:

-Hi, my name is Jean-Michel, are you new here?

-Yeah. My name is Aryanne, nice to meet you!, I replied, shaking his hand and smiling.

-If you ever need any help just feel free to ask.


After that, he left. My heart was still beating fast as I followed him with my eyes. He turned around, looked at me and smiled. That is when I felt my heart stop and that I knew he was the one

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