Moving up..

First of all.. i want to apologize for not writing any entry for a week.. nothing to worry.. i’m good.. 

So anyways.. a lot happened this week.. we had our CAT night.. and it was so much fun.. though  my throat is not fine.. a lot more happened but I don’t feel like going into details.. 

Today is our completion ceremony.. moving up.. I feel so sad and happy at the same time.. sad because of course we will be parting ways.. but happy because we will be moving on to the next chapter of our lives.. though I’m still a bit doubtful and scared.. but I know I’ll be fine.. 

All of those memories.. both good and bad.. I will really treasure it all.. 

I didn’t cried earlier.. only a bit.. maybe because we will still be seeing each other on Monday and days after for our practice.. 

And by the way.. my brother came home earlier.. my mother really missed him.. all of us I think.. he gained a lot of weight.. he used to be so thin.. 

So we have two things to celebrate.. but we haven’t celebrated it yet.. maybe on sunday i think.. my brother and my sister had to go somewhere.. i don’t know exactly.. 

I will miss all of my classmates and all of the people who became part of my junior highschool.. 

A lot of people seem to enjoy this day.. april fools day.. 

My uniform.. I love it.. coz it has a lot of signs from my classmates.. for remembrance.. I went home still wearing it.. and I love it.. though it may look like a mess to others.. 

There are a lot of things to be thankful for today.. everyday.. and I will be forever grateful.. I feel so blessed always.. 

so this is it for tonight guys.. again.. sorry for not writing any entry for a week..


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