People and Their Superiority Complexes SUCK

GOD! I’m not one to swear a lot. But I can’t handle this anymore. 

I work in an office at my University as I’m going to school. I started working last August. I’m a fast learner and a really hard worker. Like most people who have a job, I feel like I should be treated better than I get treated here. Am I asking for a raise? No. Am I asking for a higher position? No. I’m asking to be treated like an ACTUAL HUMAN BEING. 

How hard is it to file your own work load that has been given to you by your boss? Just because the boss is your best friend outside of work does NOT mean that you are excused from any work load you are given. 

Do not give me your work load. Even if I’ve finished with my work before you because you’re a lazy ass and sit in your boss’s office for hours on end watching netflix on your stupid little ipad. 

Do not attempt to tell me our office rules- FOR THE TENTH TIME- even after sending emails out to everyone with the same blah blah blah that you are telling me right now. I’ve already heard it. I already know it. I can finish your sentences with the information you’re attempting to tell me. You know I know it. So stop wasting your breath on me and go tell the people you complain to me about and let them memorize these rules word by word like I have. 

Do not attempt to make me leave the office and be your food-getter, your drink-getter or your I-left-it-in-my-car-getter. I’m a secretary, not a servant you pompous bastard. 

And last, when I ask you a question, I deserve to be validated and at least shown that you notice I exist. When your ONE job is to check off the papers that I bring to you, and you send me away with a flick of your hand, do NOT expect me to come back and try again a second time. 

End of Rant. 

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  1. that’s workplace harrassment. don’t worry there are other jobs out there =)

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