Pushing past the pain!

Sorry, I’m a little late.  I fell asleep after dealing with some tremendous pain yesterday.  I’m catching up now.  So yesterday was a relatively decent day.   A couple ups and down.  I went and I assisted my grandmother like every other Thursday.  However, as I was making her bed I felt the twinge of pain and it increased from there.  I attempted to rest it but it still wouldn’t stop hurting.  This is not a sob story actually it is one of triumph.  As 7pm rolled around I still made my way to the gym.  I still did my exercises albeit slower and more cautious.  I sat in the hot tub and I came home.  The point is, pain did not stop me from trying.  So, whatever it is that is in your way know that you are able to push past it.  It may not completely disappear but…. YOU CAN DO IT!

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