Quiet home

I wake up every morning and the house is quiet expect for my 18 month old in her crib playing, my house used to be loud because my other kids would be getting ready for school and watching cartoons and eating breakfast, unfortunately my house hasn’t been that loud in a long time.  DSS stole my kids from me in April 2014. They came to my house with an officer and no warrant and took them. Yes my house was a little dirty and my kids had head lice (they were being treated). I went to court and I was given a Foster care plan that told me what I needed to complete in order for my kids to be returned home to me.  In the mean time I was able to visit with my kids for 1 hour a week at the DSS office. While that happened I did a parenting class and started therapy and also submitted to drug testing (which I passed). The whole time this is happening I’m also pregnant.  I go to court again in October 5 days before I’m schedule for a C-section was told that my kids would being staying in Foster care because I was about to give birth.( lie #1) DSS try’s to take my baby from the hospital doesn’t happen. Starting Thanksgiving I finally get a home visit and get the girls for 5 hours so happy. My family does Thanksgiving in the afternoon , I got in trouble for not feeding girls at a certain time. Everything goes down hill from there. I was told I could get the girls overnight for Christmas (lie #2) I asked why and was not given a reason. After the holiday I get a new Foster work because the other one left because he was having a relationship with his supervisor. New worker comes in and says my kids aren’t coming home because they have been in care for a year, I try to explain everything and she doesn’t care. New worker doesn’t want my kids to come home and makes up lies about me. I do everything that I’m asked and I even ask for help that I don’t get. Now they want to terminate my rights when this whole time I’m doing what I’m told. I show affection a different way then they like. My daughter gets mad and goes to her room I give her time to calm down and they don’t like that I have to chase after her and make her talk. If my kids are in a bad mood I try and make them get in a good mood by making them laugh or getting their mind off of what made them upset and I can’t do that. I was not given 1 logical reason why my kids can’t come home. I want people to understand that DSS wants money they don’t want to help you have your kids home. They send kids back to drug addicts because they know they will be removed again but parents who doesn’t do drugs and work full time and who’s life is all about their kids they refuse to send them home. I want to get my story out and let everyone know that DSS is nothing but kidnappers heartless people. I look at pictures and videos of my kids everyday missing then and wondering what they are doing. I haven’t seen my kids in 4 months and my oldest has located me online and asked if I have forgotten about them.  I’m sad but stay happy for my baby not sure if she will ever see her sisters again.

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