I am really tired of being hunted, a.k.a stalked. Exploitation is bad enough, but my house getting broken into every day with no sign of breaking and entering? Inexcusable. Changing the locks has never helped and it is so frightening. Every single damn place I go, there is some jackhole running their mouth and\or staring at me and talking about me and mine like it is Days of Our Lives or some other soap opera. That increases the danger and they do not give a fuck.

Some people look out for us, but we still live in constant danger and anxiety without all of our rights (constitutionally guaranteed btw) and it never seems to stop. I appreciate the help but when will Saint Louis, MO not be inundated with organized and regular stalking of myself and random others for no reason other than “sport”, business or wtfever their sick, paper chasing reasons may be? I truly would hug & thank each and every person who has stood up for us and everyone if I knew them all. <3

Love one another.

Help one anothher.

One love. One heart. <3

Peace be with you.

2 thoughts on “Wtf”

  1. Why don’t you just move? Why live in fear? There is always a way to make things go away.

  2. I have no money to move. Believe me, I have been asking for help and trying my best to move. I may end up going to a domestic violence shelter because stalking is dv.

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