Come Saturday Morning…

….I’m going away with my friends…. (anyone remember that song?)  Anyhow, I plan to get together with my daughter and her two teens to walk in the park and try to fly our kite with Yoda on it.  My older grandson asked why I didn’t buy Superman or Spiderman ’cause I know he likes them the best.  I said, “They had two kites.  One was Yoda and the other was some kind of Disney Princess.”  No more complaints!   (smile) He is such a love. Autistic, both of them. But two so precious boys!

One thought on “Come Saturday Morning…”

  1. Ah I remember the song well…and I am trying to remember the movie with Liza M…was it Tell me that you love me Junie Moon? Anyhow I hope your Sat. with your grandkids was awesome.

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