Good Morning Saturday

I wrote my 1st journal post on the 30th and have been attempting to sit down and write ever since.  The 31st got WAY TOO BUSY … On the 1st, the office decided I wasn’t getting the day off that I was suppose to get … So now here we are, 530 in the morning on the 2nd and I have some time

And … What do I say? What do I write about? … I could dive into the past … I can go back 30 years and 80% of my people then are still my people now … We have all been through hell and back together and I truly believe we always will … We were thrown together all those years ago for some crazy unknown reason and today, we’re all still around for each other … We can go months, even a year without making any contact but the minute we do it’s like we were never apart …

That’s one group … Then get outta high school and into my 20’s and you have another group, that as of present day, we’ve all known each other a minimum of 24 years and the craziest party is now we are not all friends we are all somehow legally related by marriage

I’m telling you, no tv series / screen writer could write a story as crazy as mine … Yes, the biggest life events are in the past but without them I wouldn’t be who I am …

This is in no way going to go in any type of order … All I can say is when the thought or memory hits me about a certain situation/event, It’s going to end up right here …

Stick with me … I could be an interesting ride 


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