No, I am fine.

I felt a bit strange when I saw you and your new girl today.

I didn’t cry, no more tears, no more regrets. I smiled, I thought I was really fine, but I couldn’t explain why it hurt inside. Then I suddenly realized that this was how it should be, the feelings after breakup..

Please don’t try to act like we’re that close to each other like before. It’s not the same anymore, don’t pretend. I won’t say I will always be there for you, cuz you don’t need it. But remember, I’ll come and stand by your side only when you need help as good friends.

For me, you will be just a stranger whom once I used to know, there will be nothing more than that.  

Thanks for leaving me. I know our stories come to the last chapter. Now you set me free again. I feel a lot better without concerning about you. I love it. I’m not blind, everything is clear to see, I know there’re some good people out there to get to know, to love, to appreciate.

Let’s think simply, not to be so complicated. The truth is  I am not the one for you, and you are not the one for me. Once we just met then we walked away. This is life.

Good luck.

One thought on “No, I am fine.”

  1. I know how you feel. The best way to get over someone is to meet new people and to spend as much time as you can far away from him. Try doing activities with your friends or go meet other people.
    Stay strong

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