Not in the mood..

I thought this day will just gonna be happy.. but i was definitely wrong.. 

So i had this group chat.. chatting with them makes me feel happy in a way.. and it affects me deeply if one of them have a problem or they had an argument with another memeber.. 

So earlier.. i wasn’t active because i had to do a lot of things.. but when i opened the messages.. i was surprised to see them arguing on something pointless.. i thought it wasn’t serious.. but it was.. they left the group the two of them.. those who are arguing.. i tried to stop them but they won’t let me.. and later on.. two members left too.. 

It hurts me.. it made me terribly sad.. I don’t want them or us to have an argument.. I feel so sad earlier.. but now I feel better.. thanks to music.. it always cheers me up.. gosh.. they gave me bad vibes when I’m trying to be happy.. i hate them for leaving our group..  But I was mostly sad.. 

So this is it for today.. sorry if it’s a bit sad.. but I don’t want you to feel that.. that’s not in my intentions.. so please still smile.. 

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