Reunited Again (I guess)

When I said, I’d come back with good news eventually, I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

… Depending on how you see it

My friend recently broke up with her boyfriend. I knew it was going to come based on the state of affairs that she was going through but I didn’t want to tell her because she was happy. To me, to put down a happy face is considered taboo. Anyways back to the story. I believe I’m a strange one. I begin feeling depressed the more I feel of no use. However, the opposite happens when I’m making someone happy. It feels strange being happy when you see someone smile because of you. How can you explain the feeling? Happy? I turned her terrible day upside down, starting with tears and sniffles to smiles and laughs. To feel like this. It feels like heaven. Doing something that makes a difference in someone else life. Anyways, I’ll keep this short. Have a great day. No matter how crappy it is today. Even if you can’t smile. Just fake smile, for me. Trust me. It’ll make you feel better.

  • I hope you’re loving others like you love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, there will always be someone who does. A happy Kanuke

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  1. What a lovely post. You describe the Golden Rule and more. It shows you have a beautiful heart, how happy you get when you help someone else. God bless you!!

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