Stupid school…


Siu;lchool is horrible place with horrible teenagers and teachers and whit worst thing ever Exams…Why the bloody hell we need this we have tests that are same as exams we go there almost every day and when you are sick parents don’t care you go there feeling like a bus hit you or  dying. And my first exam gonna be in April 06. I just wanna go outside climb a mountain and scream to God Why! and Nooooooooo! And worst thing is when I`m a shy and I`m a  girl that can get scared easily with most simple things then  my mind goes in the most horrible place in the world then literally I start to shake and almost cry…wow I’m weak. Yeah that’s what I feeling now this moment.Maybe gonna write something later I don`t know yet soo bye.

4 thoughts on “Stupid school…”

  1. I remember how overwhelming it can all be at school. I too, was shy at school. That got easier as an adult. Got more confident, that comes with experience. I could barely get through oral reports without turning bright red and my eyes watering so much, it looked like I was crying. Now though, I can deliver training to unemployed people who really don’t want to be there. Does life get easier? No, not really. 🙂 But you learn better coping mechanisms, get help if you are suffering from anxiety or depression and develop real supportive relationships. The one thing I wish I could tell my teenage self about school is, that in your adult life how well you did in school really doesn’t matter. If you don’t get good enough grades to get into further education, (uni etc) there are bridging courses. Education is important but so is caring for yourself and looking after you health and mental health.

  2. School is hard and even thought it can be a pain in the butt, it’s still the place you’ll miss most when you grow out of it. You’ll miss your friends and how easy exams and drama was compared to work.

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