Trying Something New…?

It honestly freaks me out to see how open people can be on here. I don’t know if it’s because I’m such an reticent  person, or if its because I envy the strength they have to just shamelessly put themselves out there. 

Regardless, I was looking for a good website to just post my thoughts and I’m honestly between this site and I can already say that I am loving the layout of this site so much more than my-diary’s, but I have old posts I don’t want to get rid of from 2014 on there…

Oh well, change could be good. Change also seems to be a reoccurring word I keep running into this 2016.  


Goodnight Journal.

2 thoughts on “Trying Something New…?”

  1. Welcome to this site! It is a good place. Write whatever you feel.

  2. You can also write you thoutghts in private so noone can read them 🙂 But still welcome! 🙂

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