Day 38 – Japanese and/or Spanish?

Sunday, April 3rd 2016

Well, I had this entry already prepared to continue later on, but I accidentally closed my browser and lost it. *Sigh* I lost quite a lot of text, the majority of which I can’t remember. I’ll try to rewrite it as much as possible.

Today was a normal Sunday. I didn’t go to church this time, though. I woke up around 7:20 am, which makes me thing if I should change my alarm from 7:00 to that time, since it seems that is when my body wakes up, but then again I don’t want to change my waking schedule to what I’m used to. I went back to sleep a couple more times and it was around 9:30. I had to leave in an hour and I had to take a shower and all, so I decided not to go and do a bible study as I normally do. Except my bible studies only consist of a lot of praying. Yes it is very good to pray and it kinda feels like a therapy session for me, but I do want to learn too. I read 1 Samuel 7 (David and Goliath), but it’s already something I knew about. I was only reminded to not fear, because God is with you, but nothing new. If anyone has any good chapters/verses I should read next time I do a bible study, please tell.

I then finished Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED). It was soooo good, I recommend it. I then later on found this couple, one of them being Japanese on YouTube (Rachel and Jun). I really want to learn how to speak Japanese even more now. I always wanted to visit Japan and being able to speak the language would be a huge life saver once I do. Of course I won’t be fluent, I don’t think I ever will because it is a difficult language from what I’ve been told, but to at least be capable of holding a solid conversation would be good. Although, I have a much better reason to learn Spanish, because my family and I always go to Mexico or Cuba for vacation—the most common areas to go for Canadians—and although a lot of the people in the resort speak English or just enough of it, some of them do not speak English and it’d be much easier to communicate if I could speak their language. I already know the basics like “poquito” (bit), which is useful when drinks and/or meals are involved, the forms of greetings and thanks, aqua, that stuff. I can make up what is written in Spanish as well, because a lot of words resembles French and English ones. For example, I can make out “Where is a restaurant?” by reading “¿Dónde está un restaurante?”, because you have “un”, which is already “one” or “a” in French, then “restaurante” which in French and English are both spelled “restaurant” and finally, it’s in the form of a question. Another example is “Se deben seguir las precauciones universales” resembles like “You should support the universal precautions” and I was correct, other than “support” should be “follow”, but they have the same meaning in this context. Took me a while to guess, but I did end up getting the right definition anyway. “Seguir” looked like “subir” for my in French, which translates to different things, but the most accurate for this in English is “support”, then there is “las” which in French looks like “les” and “la”, so “the” in plural and singular, then “precauciones”, “precautions” in English and “universales” obviously “universal”. I’m sure I could learn how to speak it, because of the resembles of the two languages. I also know a lot about accents already, because of French, although in Spanish there as some you wouldn’t typically use in French. Also, because my best friend is learning how to speak Spanish already, we could help each other practice by attempting to only speaking that one language to each other. That would be fun.

Other than that, I didn’t do much for the rest of the day. For that reason, I just wanna say why I write the date at start of each entry even though you can just see when it was posted. It’s because when I post this, the time zone for this website is different, in other words when it’s the evening for me, it’s already the next day for this website, so instead of always changing the date at the bottom, I just write it first. It looks nicer, kind of gives an introduction to the entry other than “Today was…” and if I move back my entries to the date it is for me, it won’t appear in the most recent under the “Read Journals” tab.

Anyway, that’s all for today.

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